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Vision for the Future

At Singing Earth Farm we believe rebuilding our connection with the land, ourselves and community is the path to a vibrant future.

We are focusing on developing:

  • Multi-generational Community (family friendly)
  • Resilient projects that serve the land and the people
  • Environment to support each other’s fullest potential.
  • Genuine interpersonal communication for improved community relationships
  • Celebrating life through music and the arts
  • Simple healthy sustainable lifestyle


Community Overview

Community SupportWe have an immediate need for 1-3 people interested in the above objectives to join us and work the land together. This is not an employment opportunity, but rather an invitation to make this your permanent home. We are not asking for a long term commitment to be made now, only that you have the desire to explore that option and see if it is a good match for you and the community. You should be financially independent as we are in a remote location and jobs are hard to find. So you may work from home, have a source of residual income, or savings that you can live off of. Alternatively, you may have a plan on how to make a living from the land but just need to find the right location.

We need at least one of those people to be someone passionate about food systems who would be interested in taking the lead on the garden space. Significant experience with Permaculture and managing a garden required and some experience managing people would be helpful.

Animals in the PastureCommunity Details

These are not all requirements. We want to paint a picture of who we think will be a good fit

Your Experience/Interests

Education (or similar life experience): PDC Graduate, Bachelors degree in Agriculture, Community Development, Social Sciences or Philosophy, 

Community WorkSkills:

– Working knowledge of Permaculture
– Extensive knowledge of plants
– Experience growing food and cultivating land
– Creating and using sustainable systems
– Building/Construction
– Managing small team of people
– Excellent communication skills
– Enjoy physical labor in various climates

Interested In:
– Engaging the Soul
– Communication
– Transparency & Vulnerability
– Connecting with nature
– Creating a project and/or income based on farm activities
– Developing a close relationship with the land
– Sustainable building
– Establishing your own project on the land
– Animal Husbandry
– Biology

Other Interests:
May include music, art, other creative outlets, hiking, meditation, yoga, etc.


Garden HarvestShared Resources We Offer

– Full bathrooms w/ hot water
– Space for yurt/trailer/tent etc.
– Garden – worked together we could increase output to feed more people
– Orchard – needs help to expand and protect from late frosts
– Goat Dairy – milk, yogurt, cheese
– Honey – could use help managing and possibly growing hives
– Eggs
– Monthly participation in purchasing organic bulk food and supplies

Some Things We Have Learned From the Past

Don’t rush. Going slow and steady usually works much better in a long run. Speed makes for mistakes. Speed is ok once we master a process. Speed has its place, but is often found where it doesn’t belong. Speed is one of today’s illnesses. We get a momentum going and we go at a pace that feels comfortable and is sustainable.
Avoid building temporary structures when possible. They usually end up costing more energy, time and money in the long run.

Opportunity We Offer

Beautiful Land– Beautiful land and community with which to co-create.

– Opportunity to benefit from what’s already in place and manifest yourself in a way that nourishes you and the community.

– A place where you can develop your own project, as long as it is in line with the vision of the people already here. Or just plug in and take one of the existing projects further along. For instance, we have a couple of beehives, but the beekeeping could be developed way more than it is. We have a good start on a goat milking herd, perhaps you would want to take the milk and start producing dairy products.

– Sharing a garden with others, which means you are not alone doing all the work. Actually when any of us need or want to leave there is the possibility for others to take over while you are gone. This allows a lot of freedom.

– Supportive community where people are here for you as much as you are here for them.


We are offering a space. Somewhat like in the puzzle of the Universe, there is a specific place where each one of us is meant to be. Maybe you’ll recognize Singing Earth Farm as that place for you. If it appeals to you, then get in touch with us.

We look forward to meeting you

Family Farm or Industrial Farm, Is There Another Way ?

This morning at Singing Earth Farm, Boulder, Utah, while trying to accomplish some work before the heat of the day, cleaning some old dusty hay out of the barn, I thought of how overwhelming farming can be. Most farmers were born on a farm, some went to school and apprenticed on farms. No matter the path we don’t become successful farmers overnight. It takes years to learn, it takes years to understand the land we live on and if we are trying to do it on our own it takes tons of mistakes. Plus it basically is too much work to do it alone. So what are the options?

Family farming is definitely a great option. That is if everyone in the family is in it with their heart and there is good communication and respect of each others needs. If not, that can be hell. That is what most farms used to be and for many it was hell but with no way out. Once there started to be other options many children left the farms and that was the beginning of the end. The end of family farms and the beginning of industrial farming with its impact on food quality and deterioration of the land. We know we can’t go on, but how to change this? Are we ready? Do we have the tools? What are the tools?

Outside of industrial farming which we know is not a viable option, if we want to have direct access to quality food we need to produce it locally. Even organic food production is now in the hands of big corporations where profit is more important than quality. If we want to know where our food comes from, at least most of it, we need to take charge and produce it. This may be the most important task ahead of us today and it is a big job.

As I am sweating in the midst of thick dust, looking around at what needs to be attended, I can feel overwhelmed at times, but when in the evening we sit down in front of the house we know there is no other place we would want to be, no other life that would be better than this one.  This is not a family farm, there isn’t yet enough of us, so what’s the direction? Some call it ecovillage and this morning I call it tribal farm. My family may not be interested in farming and stewarding this land, so I have to plant the seeds that will give birth to our own tribe.    

This may sound weird to many, but we are, we have been at the end of something for a while now, ways that are dying and death is the place for new forms to be born. 

When young people can’t get in, old people can’t get out


Today at Singing Earth Farm near Boulder Utah I just watched this video on Joel Salatin where he basically summarize today’s situation with these words “when young people can’t get in, old people can’t get out”. The average farmer in the US today is sixty he says and many young people who would like to farm can’t afford to buy land.

I thought it was so interesting that I found this video and heard about his new book Field of Farmers at a time when my wife and I, with our friend Lance, are just in that process of figuring out how to attract people to our farm. Especially a farm that is in a remote area like Boulder, UT.

What is the profile of a person who would be passionate about joining us on the farm. We have learned that practical skills, the kind you need on a farm, which basically are numerous, from gardening, animal husbandry, building, marketing, mechanical skills and so on are essential but not sufficient. What we have learned is how important is the human factor. We may be highly skilled in one specific area or many, but if we don’t have good communication skills, it’s just not going to work. That is a point often neglected, but of crucial importance.

So then the profile becomes a more complex thing. Now not only are we looking for people who are passionate about permaculture, sustainable building, about building a close relationship with the land, people who have a project they’d like to develop, now we are looking for individuals who are also good communicators looking for a situation where they will be contributing not only as a skilled this or that, but as a human being aware of the difficult task at hand: living with others. I would actually say exactly the same to people considering getting married. Now how many people at their wedding ceremony are truly aware of that? 

Permaculature & Community at Singing Earth Farm

Singing Earth from AboveWelcome to Singing Earth Farm. A permaculture infused farm focused on developing an understanding of the communication skills necessary to grow a rich healthy community.

We have a long term vision of seeing a small community of multi-generational full time residents living and working together for a sustainable self-sufficient future.


4580 Hellsbackbone Rd.
Boulder, UT 84716
(435) 335-7485

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