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Mikhaal Chillier

Mikhaal Chillier

A firm believer in feeding life with beauty, Mikhaal is a peace maker, community builder, lover of the land, believes in sustainable farming and permaculture, and passionate about communication skills and the arts. As a husband, father and grandfather he’s dedicated to serving life in a way that provides for generations to come.

Born in Switzerland, Mikhaal’s youth is a mix of city life and rural life. A mix of street life and farm life, of concrete and nature, both rich in a different way. That difference in itself was a teaching. As everything is deeply connected, regenerating the land and bringing about a sustainable relationship with the land is on Mikhaal’s forefront agenda with human relationship and communication.

In 1999, TinaLuna, his wife, and Mikhaal became the stewards of Singing Earth Farm, a beautiful vibrant land that has welcomed them and is now welcoming others. Here they feel called to co-create with others an oasis where to live a more balanced life together and with the Earth. Think globally, act locally.

4580 Hellsbackbone Rd.
Boulder, UT 84716
(435) 335-7485

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