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Looking for the right people to buy our beloved beautiful farm in Boulder,Utah.

Singing Earth Farm is located near Boulder, Utah, at the foot of the Aquarius Plateau in the middle of Utah’s amazing canyon country. With 40 acres of irrigated pastures, an old oak grove, and hill sides covered with pinyon and juniper trees, the farm is a 100 acres of vibrant land. Magic.

Our passive solar strawbale home sits in the middle of a lush area that includes a large garden, an orchard (apples, apricots, peaches, plums, quince, pears) surrounded by large shade trees.

There is a well, irrigation water rights, solar power (as well as electricity from the grid), a barn, a yurt, a pottery studio and much more.

My wife TinaLuna and myself would like to transfer this beautiful land into good hands as we need to transition into a new phase of our life outside of the United States.

We could just sell it as a piece of real estate property, but we feel that Singing Earth Farm is meant to be more than that. It is meant, we feel, to be a healing and a teaching place, as well as a vibrant oasis demonstrating how people and nature can live in harmony.

Therefore we hope to find the right people or group to take over and carry forth, for future generations, what we started in 2000.

What do we mean by “right people”?

Dedicated people with a long term vision (several generations).

People who believe in healing the land and being healed by the land.

People who believe that our future rests in the hands of those who have a deep respect for the land and are involved in building soil for future generations and expanding sustainable farming (permaculture, biodynamic agriculture, etc).

We would love if you could spread the word to whoever you think could be the right people. If interested, please, learn more about the farm and its history since 1999. With gratitude, TinaLuna and Mikhaal PS: Our most immediate need is to find dedicated people who could manage and maintain the farm while we travel abroad for extended periods.  

Our Vision

At Singing Earth Farm we would like to facilitate the birth of a land based community where traditional and modern sustainable living skills are at the heart of the human community and its relationship to the land. A place to foster, create, invent, imagine a way of life that is community oriented, centered on gratitude for Earth and feeding life with beauty.


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Our Goals

To become a sustainable land based community in collaboration with the local & broader community developing and researching appropriate technologies and sound farming practices such as Natural Farming, Permaculture Design, Natural Building, Renewable Energy and Heritage Skills. To promote and research ways supporting a healthy diverse community through the use of sound communication practices such as Non Violent Communication, the Way of Council and other conflict resolution techniques. To share experience and knowledge through programs and workshops on sustainable living practices, creating a learning environment for those seeking a more sustainable lifestyle and relationship with the land and the more-than-human community.

4580 Hellsbackbone Rd.
Boulder, UT 84716
(435) 335-7485

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