Tina Luna Bonzon

TinaLuna Bonzon

Whether it has to do with people, animals or the land, she is a caretaker, a peacemaker, a beauty worshiper and an artist.

Born in Switzerland TinaLuna spent her childhood on the family farm, an experience that would later greatly influence her choices. As a child, she made sure all the animals around were happy and well. Today that love extends beyond the farm to all forms of life.

Her search for authenticity reinforced her connection with Nature and her need for a simple lifestyle. She lived for a while in a self-sufficient Gandhi type village in France, then in the Swiss Alps herding cows and goats for several years. She later settled in a small town, raising her two children and living off her art as a potter. A mother and grandmother, she’s also a very caring mentor for young women.

At Singing Earth Farm, building their straw bale home with lots of clay work was a big pottery job that took her away from the studio. Today again she delights many with her art, bringing beauty into everyday’s objects.

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4580 Hellsbackbone Rd.
Boulder, UT 84716
(435) 335-7485

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